miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2020

All the best recommendations to pass the quarantine watching the best porn

All the best recommendations to pass the quarantine watching the best porn

Quarantines are very complicated and you have to find different ways to spend time and enjoy it, one of them is by viewing different adult-themed videos, so here we go with our recommendations to have a satisfactory quarantine.

The first recommendation was for rapeporn and it was created in 2013 by the English actress Vex Ashley. This work has been created thanks to crowdfunding, to the collaboration of people through social networks. Not all films are financed by a production company, more and more films are coming out thanks to the different contributions of various people. For example, Four Chambers, their goal was to broaden the limitation that pornography has and move closer to something more aesthetic. Focus more on the audiovisual, with much more style and the particular touch of the creator of the film.

Our second recommendation is titled "Gone with the Wind" and is a work by Yla Ronson. This author is characterized by having already made several medium-length films and several short films that are characterized above all by the use of shadows for her porn stories. In fact, the vast majority of its scenarios have nothing to do with the typical ones that we usually see in the traditional scenes or in the new ones that we see every day. In this film, Porno-dehesario: a masturbatory fable created in 2019, tells the story of a "pig woman" who travels from Extremadura to the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina to shoot a video with the producer Junderhos who is dedicated to amateur castings. Once you see it, if you liked it, you can enter its website where you will be able to find more titles of this style.

Our third recommendation comes from Colombiana and its creator is called Nadia. This woman is one of the people who has promoted the production of adult videos in South America the most. His masterpiece is titled "La Fulminante" and it is full of erotic fantasies created from a mixture of porn, reggaeton and communication. The film is quite striking because it includes characteristics of many types such as anti-capitalism, feminism, torsion, anti-clericism, the media and much more.

After having read these three recommendations, we have assured you that you can be busy for three different days. And if you know of any movies that you like a lot, please let us know in the comments.